Need a job?

Your competition is unbelievably big. Hundreds of applications for 1 job opening.

A skill that is in trend is super essential, but not sufficient. Hence HQ Training + LIVE Project experience are very important.

Clients look for hands-on, experienced, groomed and a strong team player as a default. What else can you get to the table?

If you are already our trainee on QTP/UFT or Selenium, take advantage of this custom program to get you through the job finding grind with our help.


We have put together an overview about the ITeLearn 3 week Job Assistance program, that will help you get your Dream job.

It includes 4 Levels:

    Of most critical tutorials in each area. This is a pre-req preparation for at least 1-2 weeks..
    Course starts with written tests on various areas followed by evaluation and re-learning of areas of poor performance. Peer and Group studies encouraged.
    Cover Letter, Resume, Projects, Social Media Presence, Project References, Job Board Submissions, Updates and promotions.
  4. JOB CLOSURE                                                                                              Attending job interviews, consultant calls, technical rounds, HR rounds, background verifications, on boarding, pay negotiation.                       After this the students will move directly into a 3 week project work to develop a real-time automation framework that can be used readily by the market and further their job possibilities.

What’s the catch?

There is one. A Quick recap of most critical tutorials in each area. This is a pre-requisite preparation for at least 1 to 2 weeks. 

Why won’t you enjoy this job assistance program?

This Assistance Program isn’t for everyone. This Job assistance program is only for our existing QTP/UFT or Selenium premium members and focuses on how to get your dream job. If you are not dedicated enough, this program won’t be a good fit for you. (Our Fee per candidate is $500 ; Special Early Bird Offer exclusively for our existing member for $250, to avail the discount email us at

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